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Reliable Fabrication Shop - Field Welding (Mobile Welding) In Texas and New Mexico

Let’s Handle Your Welding, Fabrication, Oil Field Maintenance and Service in the Permian Basin

The structural integrity of your construction, whether commercial or residential, is crucial as it determines its strength and longevity. That’s why you need certified and experienced fabrication experts to do the job for you.

At Crooked Horn Services, we pride ourselves in being a reliable fabrication in the Permian Basin. We provide full-service metal fabrication covering everything from heavy structural steel & plate fabrication and piping fabrications to residential installations and repairs.

You can rely on us for highly sensitive technical advisory jobs like gas and oilfield servicing and maintenance. Our service has made a name for itself in the local community for consistently delivering as promised. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to go over the details of your engineering job and provide you with a free quote.
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