Portable Toilets & Trailers Rentals

Reliable Rental Equipment - Portable Toilets, Trash Trailers, Combo Trailers- in Midland, Texas, and New Mexico

Get Reliable Rental Equipment Including Trash Trailers, Combo Trailers, and Portable Toilets Quickly and Affordable
Many people don’t understand the importance of a restroom until we have to go and there’s no single one in sight.

So, if you have an outdoor project like construction or are hosting a large gathering, you have to think about where the people on-site will relieve themselves. But constructing permanent toilets for such temporary situations is not outrightly unrealistic- both from a time and financial standpoint.

That’s where our trusted rental service comes in. Crooked Horn Services in Midland, Texas, is specialized in providing porta potty rentals for all kinds of purposes. We also hire out trash and combo trailers to suit your needs.

Here’s What You Can Hire from Our Reputable Rental Service

Temporary Restrooms

Rent porta potties for your construction site, concert/ festival, or private event, and we’ll have them delivered anywhere in or around Texas. You can rely on us to provide adequate portable toilets regardless of your expected capacity.

Dump/ Trash Trailers

Apart from porta-potty restrooms, you can also rent out trash trailers to transport your landscaping debris, construction dirt, or any other waste you’d like to dispose of. Our trash trailers are easy to use and come in different sizes to suit your specific needs.

Combo Trailers

Need a multi-purpose trailer for storage, transportation, or recreation? We also provide a variety of combo trailers at affordable lease fees.
Why Pick Our Portable Toilet Rentals in Midland, Texas?
With lots of other rental companies in Texas and New Mexico, why should you hire Crooked Horn Services? Here are a couple of things that define our service:


Clean, High-Quality, and Reliable Rentals

If you’re looking for reliable portable toilets that are truly worth your buck, you’ve come to the right place. Our toilets and trailers are thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and inspected before delivery.


Great Customer Service

We value our customers’ experience and, therefore, work hard to give you an outstanding service. Our customer service agents are always available and will patiently answer all your questions, including our rental costs, to ensure you find and rent portable toilets.


Best Rates in the Market

Our goal is to provide the best rentals at a reasonable price. We consider our rates some of the best in the market. So, if you’re looking for a quality and affordable portable restroom, we are your best bet.


Custom for All Occasions

You can bet that we’ve got portable toilet rentals that will fit whatever purpose or event you have. That’s because we have a variety of trailers and portable toilets to fit any situation. Talk to us to find a porta potty rental that works for you.

Need a Portable Rental Toilet Midland, Tx? Contact Us Today to Get You Portable Toilets or Trailer

Running a construction project or event necessitates temporary facilities like a portable toilet rental and dump trailer. These facilities are extremely expensive to buy, and even so, you won’t need them once the project or event is done.

At Crooked Horn Services, we help you save money by renting portable restrooms or trailers for any length of time at a great price.