About Us

Whatever kind of welding job you may have in Texas and New Mexico, you can trust the experienced team at Crooked Horn Services to deliver you the best possible welding services and assure customer satisfaction.

About Us

Complete Welding Service Company in Texas and New Mexico

At Crooked Horn Services, our reliable team has the experience, equipment, tools, and skills to offer welding services to Texas and New Mexico clients. We understand that one client’s job will be different than the next, and we welcome any projects. From wrought iron to woodwork, our welding services company can handle any welding job, including fabrication and repair, for a reasonable price in Texas and New Mexico.

The welding team at Crooked Horn Services in the Texas and New Mexico locations is proud to offer the following welding services from our in-house shops:

Texas and New Mexico Fabrication Welding Services

Metal fabrication involves designing, constructing, and creating a metal piece or product using welding processes. Not all welders can do metal fabrication projects because there is much more to it than simply combining two pieces of metal with similar melting points. There is a specific art to metal fabrication and the construction of a beautifully engineered piece, even if it is repairing a metal piece that has already been created.
Our welding team is proficient at welding and fabrication at Crooked Horn Services in Texas and New Mexico. When looking to have a piece fabricated or an existing piece taken in for repair (such as metal gates), look no further than our experienced and skilled Texas and New Mexico welding experts. No matter how simple or complex the project may be, we can get it done effectively and efficiently for you.